CherryVata is a harmonious combination of electronics and live instruments as well as vocal; versatile cocktail created from feelings and emotions; striking mixture of waves, sounds and moods… And all this is miraculously illuminated by nu jazz, reggae, dub, breakbeat, funk & rock elements. Date of birth: 2003. Since then CherryVata’s sound has been evolving in its improvisation eliminating style frames and limits.


Daybreak (LP)

Daybreak is the third long-play album of CherryVata. This album is the result of the band’s work with the new line up. Not so long ago the two founders of the band Dmitry and Alexey were joined by vocalist with academic education Katia Shtirts. 

In Daybreak, you can find both classic trip-hop sound with references to jazz and blues as well as instrumental electronic, downtempo, hip-hop.